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Meet The Team

Ingrid Tonelli



Born in Brazil and living in the US for over 20 years, Ingrid began her personal Pilates practice and was in awe of the depth of the mind/body connection. Stunned by the amazing results she got from the method, she is now on a mission to encourage others to experience Pilates for themselves. As a mother of three amazing children, Ingrid uses Pilates to achieve a clear mind and a healthy body. As an instructor, she has a great appreciation for Pilates adaptability. Ingrid is able to meet her clients' individual needs - pregnant mommas, athletes, children, teens, seniors - so they can continue to build a healthier lifestyle with focus, perseverance and dedication. She enjoys spending time with her family, encouraging them to be active and experiencing the benefits of Pilates in their own bodies. She feels grateful to be able to help others achieve their fitness goals and motivate them to broaden their perception of their own physical and mental abilities through Pilates. 

Ingrid has completed the comprehensive certification program at the Art and Science of Contrology™ Pilates Instructor Training Program under 2nd-Generation Master Teacher, Simona Cipriani, from whom she continues to be mentored. She is also pursuing the Advanced Contrology Program for Certified Teachers at The Pilates Studio® Brasil under the tutelage of the Teacher of Teachers, Inelia Garcia.

Continuing Education/Workshops/Professional Development:


  • Kathi Ross-Nash at the Art of Control - Variations on the Reformer, Injuries & Application, Killer Caddy, The Leg Stretches from the Ground Up

  • Continuing Education at the Art of Control - Advanced & Super Advanced Mat, Use of Small Equipment & The Guillotine with Simona Cipriani

  • Mat Experience, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector with Inelia Garcia 

  • SQUARE 1 System with Shawn Sherman 

  • Pre-Pilates Technique with Deborah Lessen 

  • Certificate Course to Integrate Primitive Reflexes for Optimal Function: Neurological Approaches from Early Intervention to Adolescence

  • Training Menopausal and Perimenopausal Women 

  • Pre-Pilates Techniques with Deborah Lessen


  • Advanced Mat and Standing, The Flow of the Cadillac, The Power of the Wunda Chair and Baby Chair, and Pre/Postnatal Pilates Workshop with Dorothee Vandewalle

  • Return to Life Conference in Brazil - Various Teachers



  • Contrology Super Advanced Mat with Simona Cipriani 

  • eMANate™ with Simona Cipriani

  • Barrels Workshop and Standing Exercises with the Mat, Long Pole, Wall, Weights with Jerome Weinberg

  • Advanced Contrology Program for Certified Teachers at The Pilates Studio® Brasil with Inelia Garcia

  • Barrels, Pedi Pole and Baby Chair Workshop with Inelia Garcia 

  • The Less Taught Exercises with Mariano Dolagaray

  • Structuring the Class with Emphasis on Endings with Inelia Garcia 

  • Pre-pilates Lecture, Elderly Populations, Constructing the Body Through the Basic Repertoire, Constructing the body from Basic to Intermediate, Spotting and Teaching Techniques, Advanced Exercises in the Apparatus, Inelia’s Signature Alongamento Consciente Class with Inelia Garcia

  • Pilates Dynamic Spine™ with Sean Gallagher 


  • Improve your Game! Strength and Conditioning Workshop with Michael Johnson

  • Building Skills with Pilates Barrels with Simona Cipriani

  • Advanced & Super Advanced Mat with Jerome Weinberg 


  • One Day with Jerome Weinberg Super-Advanced Reformer and Guillotine

  • Strength and Conditioning for the Male Body with Michael Johnson

  • Traditional Pilates Small Equipment Workshop with Simona Cipriani


  • Developing your Creativity on the Tower/Cadillac with Sonje Mayo

  • The Power of Barrels with Sonje Mayo

  • Pilates and Spinal Conditions with Sonje Mayo

  • The Lost Art of Joe’s Work: The Ped-o-Pul and the Resister with Elaine Ewing

  • Traditional Pilates Small Equipment Workshop with Simona Cipriani

  • Michael Johnson’s Mat Workshops

  • Archival Pilates with Michael & Ton

  • Pilates for Athletes with Michael & Ton

  • Pilates for Gait with Michael & Ton

  • Session Endings Workshop with Jerome Weinberg


  • Feet-ness with Ilaria Cavagna

  • Expand the Possibilities of Ending Sessions as a Final Touch

  • Good Bones with Sonje Mayo

  • Pilates Alliance Method Conference in California-Various Teachers 



  • Initial Studies at The Art and Science of Contrology™ Pilates Instructor Training Program 

  • Anatomy & Physiology Course for Pilates, with Dr. Joseph Muscolino


Jill Cantor


A long-time Chappaqua resident and graduate of NYU School of Law, Jill has been practicing tax law for over 20 years. While working and raising her three children in and following a rigorous fitness regimen, she discovered and fell in love with the practice of Pilates. Noting the improvements in her own body's core strength, flexibility and posture, she decided she wanted to help others discover these benefits as well. In 2012, she began her official teacher training with Simona Cipriani at the Art of Control at SUNY Purchase and went on to become a fully certified Pilates teacher. Jill has a passion for fitness and health and has recently earned a certificate in Nutrition and Healthy Living from Cornell University. She brings an enthusiastic and fun vibe to teaching. She is committed to helping her students reach their goals of increased flexibility, strength, and muscle toning using the Pilates method to benefit their lives each day.


Samantha Block


Samantha fell in love with Pilates after the birth of her first child. A former personal trainer and self-proclaimed fitness enthusiast, she felt that no other form of exercise produced the results she wanted while also encompassing the mind/body connection. Samantha has completed the comprehensive certification program at the Art and Science of Contrology™ Pilates Instructor Training Program under second generation master teacher Simona Cipriani. A true believer in the method, Samantha loves teaching Pilates just as much as doing Pilates! 




Jyoti fell in love with classical pilates by chance. She worked for many years in the medical administrative field and as a weight management coach. Some medical issues led her to take private pilates sessions as part of rehabilitation after back surgery. The results were dramatic and the side effects included a better tennis game, increased stamina during hiking, biking and in general much more physical and mental energy. She says it was like shaving ten years off her life. At this point, she knew she wanted to help others gain the same benefits. Jyoti decided to get classically certified at The Art and Science of Contrology instructor training program with Simona Cipriani who studied under Romana Kryzanowska. Being able to help others reach their potential has given her the biggest joy of her life. Showing each and every person no matter what their level, ability or past physical issues, Pilates can enhance their life and give them the quality of life they deserve.


Jill Goodman


Jill received her BA AND MA in Education at NYU. She began studying Pilates in 1998 with teacher trainer, Simona Cipriani and went on to receive her certification in 2001 from Authentic Pilates. Jill was part of the last class personally supervised by Master Teacher Romana Kryzanowaska in New York. She studied extensively with Romana's daughter, Sari Pace, and with Master teachers and her mentors Ton Voogt and Michael Fritz. Jill believes that the Pilates method can and DOES change bodies through the mind-body connection. She uses positive reinforcement, humor, and creativity in her teaching to help her clients connect to the exercises, move more deeply and get better results. Her goal is for clients to look forward to coming to class and to leave the studio feeling connected, challenged, and stronger.

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