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MOVING FOR LIFEWith Michael Johnson

Move better, improve your performance, increase longevity. As we age, we may experience changes to our strength and range of motion. This workshop will teach you a series of safe and effective exercises that fuses strength, flexibility, and mobility while helping you create a consistent, sustainable personal practice that can be performed at home on a daily basis. Since motor control deficits can make all of us compensate with our movement, the knowledge and awareness of how we move and how we can improve our movement can ultimately lead to longer, lasting results for better performance and improved body dynamic. ** Better understand the importance of mobility and strength. ** Learn drills that are safe and effective in helping you develop skills for your personal practice. ** Learn how improving strength and balance can help you maintain physical and mental sharpness. ** Re-organize and reset movement through neuro-sensory integration. Dec. 2022

"This was a workshop like no other. I really wish more people were able to understand the importance of mobility like Michael."

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