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The Five Elements of the Mind Part 5 of a series of Five ;)

“Intelligence guided by the will using memory and imagination assisted by intuition.” Romana Kryzanowska (June 30, 1923 – August 30, 2013)

Welcome Back, Pilates peeps!

INTUITION - the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning- "we shall allow our intuition to guide us."

Listening to your intuition can help you move more mindfully, find better alignment, and avoid injury. But what exactly is intuition, and how can it be used in Pilates practice? In this blog post, we'll explore the concept of intuition and how it can enhance your practice.

Intuition is often described as a gut feeling or a sense of knowing that comes from within. It is an innate ability that we all possess, but that we often ignore or suppress in our daily lives. In Pilates practice, intuition can be used to guide movement, make adjustments, and find greater ease and efficiency in our practice.

Here are a few ways that intuition can be used in Pilates practice:

  1. Listening to your body: One of the most important aspects of Pilates practice is listening to your body. This means tuning in to your physical sensations, such as tension, tightness, or discomfort, and making adjustments to your movement accordingly. When you listen to your body, you can use your intuition to guide your movement and find greater ease and efficiency in your practice.

  2. Finding better alignment: Alignment is key in Pilates practice, and using your intuition can help you find the right alignment for your body. By listening to your body and paying attention to how it feels in each movement, you can make subtle adjustments that help you find the best alignment for your body. This can help you avoid injury and move more mindfully.

  3. Exploring new movements: Pilates practice is all about exploring movement and finding new ways to challenge your body. When you use your intuition in your Pilates practice, you can discover new movements and variations that feel good for your body. By trusting your instincts and experimenting with different movements, you can deepen your Pilates practice and find greater joy in your movement.

Intuition is an important concept in Pilates practice. By listening to your body, finding better alignment, and exploring new movements, you can use your intuition to enhance your Pilates practice and move more mindfully. Whether you're a seasoned Pilates practitioner or just starting out, trusting your intuition can help you find greater ease and efficiency in your practice, and lead to a deeper connection with your body. So next time you step onto the mat, or get to explore movement using the equipment, remember to tune in to your intuition and let it guide you to your best self.



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